Being cheap with wino problems


I have always been the kind of person that loves to be surrounded by people and always be doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I love my alone time too. But get me alone in a room for too long and I will go stir crazy. I have been so fortunate in my life to have made some of the most genuine friendships over the years. I still have my best friends from elementary school, high school, and college. These relationships have even intertwined to where those friends have become friends too. When it comes to hanging out with my friends we could either be watching TV, wine tasting, brunching, clubbing, etc. and we are always having fun. One thing that I have always had in common with my friends is that we always want to save money while having fun. Over the years we have come up with many strategies on how to save.

I would say the main hobby shared between all my friends would have to be wine tasting. Lucky you, I have decided I will share with you all my tips on indulging on your wino problems cheaply.

This of course can be an expensive hobby but we have managed our way around to making it not. Now, I wouldn’t say we are experts at this just yet but we have come down with a pretty great system. The first thing you have to decide what your wine tasting goal is; are you wanting to get mom drunk off some wine or have a nice day of some tasting? Sounds so silly but trust me, it helps in the long run. Preferably my friends & I usually lean towards the mom drunk side because I mean, who doesn’t love to get a little mom drunk sometimes. I’ll start you off with the simple tasting advice; this can also end up in your favor because you may end up falling in love with a wine through tasting. Tastings usually range pretty cheap, depending on where you go, they can go from around $12-$18. I would say a tasting sets you up with about 6-8 wines (don’t quote me on that), hopefully they give you a nice pour so you can get your moneys worth. Tastings can go by pretty fast if you’re having a blast with your girlfriends & seeing that last glass get poured can be very disappointing, at least for me. My suggestion would be for you all to decide on your favorite wine, order it & all split the cost of the bottle. You will end up spending around $22 which is perfect for saving money! You leave with a great buzz, good conversation, and insta worthy memories.


Now here comes the mom drunk tip; again discuss this decision before arrival so you can prepare yourself correctly (I clearly take my wine tasting very seriously). If this is your plan always bring snacks! Snacks are key. No matter what I tend to always get hungry while wine tasting & then of course end up craving a cheese plate. I suggest not buying the cheese plate from the winery because it is not worth the pay. Yes they are beautiful & probably have better cheese and charcuterie but there is limited cheese for the price. My suggestion is to go to the store and build your own cheese plate. This way you’re not spending $20 on a small cheese plate that wont fill you up. Now that you have your food situation figured out, be sure to set up your Uber situation. You never know how mom drunk you are going to get so you always want to play it safe. Uber also has a great option now to where you can split the fare between people (always saving money). Lastly, the key is to decide between you all on what wines you all like & what you want to start with. Depending on how many people, the more the better, will determine how many bottles you will get. I usually go with four of us and we typically get 2-3 bottles. We will most likely start off with a white or a rosé because it is more subtle than the reds. I preferably love reds & dark red blends. Many don’t prefer this because it can be strong and a lot of taste for the mouth. Therefore, we will usually end with a blend. The second choice is usually always a red, a Merlot or Cab preferably. The plus of ordering these bottles and having a plan is; 1. You’re making it cheaper for all and, 2. Lets you sit and enjoy your quality time while already having these decisions made.


If you are feeling fancy go ahead and splurge on a cheese plate & some more bottles of wine. But if you are wanting to have a good time without stressing on spending too much money I say go with my plan. I hope these tips will help with your wine tasting indulgences or even encourage you to go & wine taste with your gal pals more often. Contact me through instagram & we can chat some fun wineries to go to in LA or SLO!


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