My Natural Glow Make up Routine

Make up is the one thing all us girls secretly love but hate at the same time. We all wish for that natural glow but know how hard that is to achieve. Sadly, make up is not my forte but, hey, who doesn’t like to look/feel good; so I do my best. I always try to stick with most in expensive products that still make me feel my best. My main go to store is Target, because I mean who doesn’t love Target. Now I can usually find everything I need at Target or CVS but if not & I’m feeling fancy, I will make my way over to Ulta or Sephora.

Here are my go to’s:


1230-beauty-bar-no7.jpgNo7® Airbrush Away Foundation 

It has taken me years to find the correct foundation for me & the day has finally come. This foundation provides the right amount of coverage for me without looking thick & “cakey”. I also wear make up about 3/4 times a week so the bottle will last me awhile!


Maybelline® Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment

This concealer is EVERYTHING and lasts you forever. I get major bags and dark circles under my eyes because, what is sleep? This does the job for me when it comes to hiding those. I look rejuvenated and like I got my full 8 hours the night before.




GUEST_1363a983-318f-447c-9c74-cc90524587bce.l.f. Bronzer Palette

So, I recently just started using this bronzer palette and to be honest, at first I wasn’t too sure of it. It comes on very harshly at first but the key to get rid of that is to blend. If you gently swipe the bronzer onto your cheek the color won’t come onto too harshly. After figuring out this trick, I love it. It makes me feel like I have Bella Hadid cheek bones and I’m ready to take on the world.

Antonym Highlight Blush

Now this is more on the expensive side but it was gifted to me recently and I absolutely love it. It is super natural looking and gives you that perfect glow in the sun light. I have gotten so many compliments on it and which decided my conclusion on keeping it or not. There is a plus side about this product being more expensive; it is great quality it will last you forever because of how little you need to put on!


Maybelline® strobing liquid highlighter

Since I am all about living simply, I have to provide you all with a cheaper option as well. Now, this is a liquid highlight but it provides that subtle glow we all want to achieve. At first the liquid consistency freaked me out but it soon started to grow on me. It goes on with just a couple easy swipes of your finger & BAM, you’re glowing.


NAKED Palette

I have had this palette for 2 years now and I am obsessed. One, it has lasted me two years so how can I not be. Two, it’s subtle colors that bring out my eye color. They also provide you with a brush that is super easy for application. I am lacking when it comes to make up skills, so this could be why this palette has lasted me as long as it has. That being said, it is still worth every dime.


PIXI + ItsJudyTime Palette

I was wandering Target one day and happened to run into this beautiful palette. The colors are super simple but really pretty. When looking for eye shadow my key is always to find colors that I know will make my eyes pop (golds, pinks, & browns). This palette had it all & it was reasonably priced. I decided to purchase and become in love. It looks great on & lasts forever.

Maybelline® Volum’ Express, Falsies Mascara

This is a simple pick; cheap, provides great length, & doesn’t look thick or chunky on. I am a fan and you should be too.




  Blinkbar-Logo_Square.jpg     Blinkbar

I also have been on the eyelash extensions kick. They save me so much time and also give me an extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning (who doesn’t love that). I have been going to Blinkbar and love it. They have so many lash technicians that are amazing, as well as multiple locations in the LA area. I highly recommend for reasonably priced and beautifully lushes lashes.



Well, there’s my go to make-up look! It’s pretty simple but creates that natural glow I aim to achieve. While, it also doesn’t leave my bank hurting when I make these purchases. I hope my recommendations help you achieve this natural glow and keep your bank account aflow.


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