Day Drinking while Saving Money


Going out with my friends has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I mean, what millennial doesn’t like going to cute places, drinking, and getting great Instagram pics? Ever since moving out to LA it has been tough to find certain places that are affordable & Instagram worthy. One day two brilliant ideas happened to dawn on me; pre gaming & punch bowls. When going out with friends you, of course, don’t always have to drink but when this is the goal these two ideas will be your life saver.

Obviously, we all know the concept of pre-gaming from our college days. At first, I tried to be a better person and convince myself that pre gaming can’t be apart of my “adulting” stages. This was a pretty outlandish idea to be honest; because it happened that a bottle of a tequila before heading out saved my bank account. Then comes in the punch bowls; my life savers when going out. You already have your group of friends together & in comes your giant bowl of liquid fun; you can pour the amount you want in your cup and all enjoy together; while saving money. So grab your friends & a bottle of your choice (tequila preferably because who doesn’t love it). Once you have a good buzz going, call your uber & set off to your destination. “BUT WHERE?”, you may be asking yourself. Well heres where I come in; I shall share with you my favorite places to go out in LA with punch bowls & sometimes friendly bar tenders.

So here are a few of my favorite go to’s;

Mama Shelter

This place is my absolute favorite! It has the best view, night or day. Not only does it have great views but it has amazing sangria punch as well as yummy food.

They have cute tables and comfy couches to sit on; basically it is the perfect place for a group of friends to hang out. You can spend time laughing with your friends, enjoying the sunshine,and not denting your bank account. Head on over & get amazing Instagram shots

The Spare Room

The spare room is a retro bar inside The Hotel Roosevelt, it is a perfect place for a group of friends. Not only are there punch bowls to share but there are games to play with everyone. Such as yahtzee, bingo, jenga, and much more. They also have two bowling lanes as well (they can be super pricey and over booked so I just suggest watching others bowl). The punch bowls are AMAZING with everyone’s favorite alcohol choices; wine, rum, tequila, & vodka. There is also a DJ every night as well to keep the good vibes going. So go grab your friends, play some games, and save some money!

The Highlight Room


The Highlight room is known for its great rooftop views! It has some amazing food and punch bowls. The only downside about their punch bowls is that they can be fairly expensive so this place is perfect for a big group of friends. It is your typical LA spot but it is completely worth the trip. It does turn into a club at night but that is a whole other blog post about free club trips. I have been here at night and during the day, and both times it did not disappoint. If you’re wanting to make your way out to a hit LA spot this place is perfect and, of course, you’ll end up with some great Instagram’s.


Now these last two aren’t not known for their punch bowls but they are known for their good times..

Davey Wayne’s


          Davey Wayne’s is a 70’s inspired speak easy and it’s the best. Not only do you walk in through a refrigerator but they serve slushy drinks! Usually at night it can get super crowded but it is perfect for day drinking. The people there are always super friendly, and so are the bartenders (hint hint for the ladies). It’s super casual but still cool enough to go looking cute. Head on down to meet some cool people, walk through a fridge, and drink some boozey slushies!

The Bungalow


    This a bar you go to have a good time and meet lots of people. It is essential you pregame before going because the drinks are a bit over priced. Even though it can be pricey, I honestly leave barely denting the bank because of how nice everyone there is (as well as the pre-gaming). It is super great for sunset views and also fun at night time. It happens to be right by the beach so you can get that drift of a nice ocean breeze. I can promise you that you won’t regret going and will be thanking me the whole time you’re there.

    Well there you have it, my favorite places to go out in LA & my two cheap tricks to not dent the bank account. I hope you have as much fun as I do at these places, and maybe one day we will even run into one another. I’ll leave you with this; Punch bowls & “pre-gaming” will leave you living simply but you’ll always feel extravagant while doing it.


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