My Simple Skincare Routine

         Alright, so this routine is something I still am working on but have achieved most of my main goals. Some of the things I struggle with are dry skin, mild rosacea, and bumps that aren’t pimples (haven’t really nailed what these are/called but have discovered how to basically remove them. My routine is very simple and just what my sensitive dry skin needs. Here is my simple step by step routine to achieve the glowy skin we all want.. 

Step 1: 

The face wash that changed my skin:

Image result for Neutrogena oil free face wash

       For years I had been using face wash that had way too many chemicals for my skin and these under the skin non-pimple bumps wouldn’t go away. Then came in Neutrogena® Oil-Free Face Wash.  I actually got to trying this because my boyfriend was using it and he has the clearest/softest skin I’ve ever seen. Then BOOM, mine began to transform and the bumps were slowly going away. I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin and can’t spend a fortune on their face wash.


Step 2: 

The moisturizer that left me with my face feeling hydrated:


Since my skin is so dry literally nothing was working for me. I would use a moisturizer, my face would feel great for a couple hours but I’d still wake up with it feeling dry and flaky. Through my trial and error process I finally found the one; Olay® Active Hydrating Skin Cream. What a game changer this was for me. I was finally waking up in the morning feeling like my skin was actually hydrated and the flaky dry feeling was gone. It has especially helped me during winter and this fluctuation of cold/hot weather in LA.


Step 3

Vitamin C is life;

Lumirance Vitamin C Beauty Oil

I have always struggled with redness and mild rosacea and, truthfully began to just get used to it. I still know that it will never fully disappear but Vitamin C oil has seriously given my skin the nutrients it needs in so many ways. I usually use any type of oil that I can find at TJ Max or Marshalls, because truthfully they all do the trick. The current one I am using right now is, Lumirance Vitamin C Beauty OilI will usually apply this morning and night alongside my moisturizer. It adds that extra hydration your skin needs, as well leaves you with that dewy look. I will sometimes even apply my make up on top of it to give me that extra glow.

Step 4

To clear that pimple:

Image result for neutrogena on the spot

We all get them and all hate them. Neutrogena® On-The-Spot®  has helped this hatred die down. It helps the planets on my face disappear within a couple days. BUT; the key is to not pick or touch them. I struggle with this because I am that weird person that loves to pop pimples. I know that everyone has the highly expensive spot treatment products they use but to be honest this has worked better for me than those have.


Yes, my skincare routine involves 3 simple steps. That’s all my sensitive skin needs and leaves me feeling satisfied. All of these products are all amazing and provide you the type of care you need, while not spending a ton on multiple products. 




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