Whenever Tuesday comes around my body fills with excitement because I know it is TACO TUESDAY. Why would I get this excited for Tacos you may ask? Well, that is because my mom makes the BEST tacos. And I mean the best. I loved these tacos so much that when I went away for college I would begin craving them. It became such an issue of mine that I would insist on having them every time I went back home to visit. I finally forced my mom to give me this secret amazing recipe so I could take it back with me. It’s taken me awhile to get them just right, but now I have decided to share it with you all. I’ve tweaked the ingredients a tad, but still have stayed true to my mama’s tacos. The best thing about this meal is that not only is it cheap, but it only takes around 30 minutes to make!! You’re saving money and not having to slave away in the kitchen, it’s a win win situation.

So here we go; lets start with the Ingredients

1. 1lb. Jennie-O Ground Turkey (1lb. usually feeds 4 around people)

Ralphs – $5.99

2. 1 pack of Guerrero Corn Tortillas

Ralphs – $2.50

3. Susie Q Santa Maria Style Seasoning

Amazon – $25

4. simple truth organic Free Range Chicken Broth

Ralphs – $1.99

5. Spice World Minced Garlic

Ralphs $2.19

(can get any brand really but I prefer to get this one)

6. Kroger Vegetable Oil

Ralphs – $2.19

7. Kraft Mexican Four Cheese Shreds

Ralphs – $3.79

8. Diced Yellow Onions

Ralphs – $2.99

9. Shredded Iceberg Lettuce

Ralphs – $1.79

Now lets get cooking!

First Step: The Shells

Gather together your;

Tortillas, vegetable oil, a pan, a plate, paper towels, and some tongs to flip the tortilla shells.

I always put a paper towel on top of the plate to place the taco shells on after cooking. I use the paper towel to get rid of some of the grease that is left over from the shells.

Now that you have all your supplies assembled; get your pan and vegetable oil. Pour a decent amount of vegetable oil into the pan (about 1/2 cup), I usually just eyeball it and make sure there is a good amount in the pan to fry the shells. Have the oil heat up for a while & then place your tortilla in the pan. Once you see the tortilla form some “bubbles” you can flip it over to heat the older side. After a minute it should become crisp enough for you to fold the tortilla over into a taco shell like form.

Once you do the first shell the rest will be easy peasy! You can make as many shells as you need depending on how many people you are feeding. I usually am making these for my boyfriend & I so I’ll make around 8-10 shells because he eat’s a lot! The process will usually take about 5-10 minutes, so not long at all.

Second step: The meat

Now that you’ve finished the shells, it is time to cook the meat. Get out another pan and your ground turkey. Make sure that your meat is thawed out enough for you to cook. Turn on your stove to a medium heat & place the meat in your pan. Sometimes I will add some minced garlic to the pan to begin seasoning the meat. Stir the meat until it is cooked & browned. Once the meat is browned, drain the meat out in a strainer.

After draining, bring the meat back to the pan & turn the stove down to a low temp. This is where you add the yumminess!!

Get out your Susie Q seasoning & Chicken broth.

When adding my seasonings I don’t go by measurements but by taste. You can do this or you can decide just the right amount you want. I’ll add the chicken broth first and pour about an inch of broth in the pan & get to stirring! The meat will eventually absorb most of the liquid.

Once you have the chicken broth poured we can add the best part, the Susie Q seasoning. I will usually sprinkle it on about 4 times & stir it up. Cover the meat with a lid for about 2 minutes & then give it a taste. If you like the taste then you are ready to go! Some may think it needs some more so go ahead & add however much more you want.

And there you have it, you are ready to eat your tacos!!

For toppings, you can generally add whatever you want on top but my go to’s are cheese, lettuce, and onions. My secret obsession that I may get heavily judged for is that I love to put some ketchup on top of my tacos. I have a huge obsession with ketchup and basically put it on everything, I know, so weird. I will go ahead and give you guys another option for some toppings if you’re all not ketchup obsessed like me. You can always add some hot sauce or salsa on top. I’d have to say that Cholula and Siracha are my top two favorites to go on top!

Now you can basically have Taco Tuesday every week because of how easy, delicious, and quick they are! I hope you are able to enjoy the, as much as I do.


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