2018 Holiday Gift Guide

 Keeping it under $50 & Staying in budget

If you’re just like me then the Holiday season brings you tons of anxiety and stress. There are so many amazing people in my life that deserve these extravagant gifts, but sometimes my bank account says otherwise. Then comes along all of the unnecessary spending and weeks of eating whatever is in your fridge because you need to save; trust me we’ve all been there. There is also that added stress of wanting the gift to be “unique” and “original”  and something they wouldn’t go and buy for themselves (this may just be my type A personality but if there’s others, join the club).  One thing I have learned from that constant thought process is that any gift you give is special to that person. This may sound corny but genuinely, it is the thought that counts. You have put it in the effort to choose a gift just for that person! That’s what the holidays are about right? To continue spreading this holiday cheer I’ve decided I’ll share with you some great gifts that are all under $50. These gifts are geared towards working for him or her, so lets get started! 

Pottery Barn Throw Blanket: Who doesn’t love a fuzzy blanket to snuggle with? No matter if it is hot outside I will always lay on the couch with a blanket, and this one is to die for. 

Game’s are a classic gift that when opened they can be played right then! I love a good game and they’re really a timeless gift, so I am going to be sharing a couple good ones to be gifted. 

What Do You Meme Game (basically cards against humanity but better)
This game also has tons of expansion packs as well so the opportunities are endless. 
Who’s Most Likely To… Game 
I’ve actually never played this game but have heard nothing but great things about it. A great party game or something to whip out when you’re bored! 
Watch Ya Mouth Game 
This game is tons of fun and brings so many laughs. Now it may be gross that you have to wash them after every use, but that’s what dishwashers are for right?! 

Along with games, another timeless gifts are coffee table books. Not only are they timeless, they add that decorative touch your home was missing. 

Bad Girls Throughout History 
Knowledge and History everyone could use 
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Something we all could use a little of 
From Crook to Cook
This one is simple. Who doesn’t want to eat and live like Snoop Dog.

Essential Oil Diffuser: Ever since getting an oil diffuser my life has change. The aroma the smells and mist bring really sets a vibe in the room. I recommend one to everyone. Some are a little more pricey but I found this simple one with lights that will do the job. 

Cocktail Mixing Set: Why go to the bar when you can mix a cocktail in your own home? Cocktails and game night sounds like a perfect match to me. 

Wine, Beer, and Cocktail glasses are some of the best gifts that can be given because you know they’ll be used. 

Metal Stemless Wine Glass’s
Beer Glass Set

Coffee Travel Mug: This is a gift that never gets old, at least for me. I always somehow end up losing my mugs and constantly need more. 

Sip by Swell
Even keeps your coffee heated for you too

Custom Phone Case: What’s better than showing someone you love them than a personalized phone case? I’ve been seeing these cases all over Instagram lately and for surely going to order myself one soon. They have so many background options, and you also don’t have to just put your name; you can add a quote or expression that means a lot to you or that person. 

Fuzzy Slippers:  Everyone loves something to lounge in, so why not add some fuzzy slippers to that mix? 

Men’s Carlo Moccasin’s  
Women’s Slide Slippers

There you have some of my go to easy and budget friendly gifts. I also know that that procrastination is real when it comes to Holiday shopping, so online shopping can get difficult. When I get stuck in those situations I usually find myself at Home Goods, TJ Max, Urban, or Target (which some of the stuff I linked are from). These stores are good for finding little cute things and throwing together a stocking with them. 

I hope you all enjoy the Holiday’s with family, friends, and loved ones. And I surely hope you found my budget friendly gifts useful. 

Thank you for reading about my hacks and tips; and enjoy living simply but extravagantly 



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