Shoes that make it okay to be an Outfit Repeater

Shoes add that extra touch to your outfit and can end up being the statement piece in your outfit. A problem I run into a lot is being able to buy all the shoes I want and making sure my bills are still paid (adulting ugh).  Whenever I am about to outfit repeat,  I always go back to the graduation scene from the Lizzie Mcguire Movie when Kate calls Lizzie an outfit repeater at graduation (LOLZ). I swear ever since that movie I made it my mission that I would never repeat an outfit, which started to change when adulting set in. I came to the realization that once you find that staple shoe, it’s okay to wear it more than once. When I buy shoes I always make sure the colors are relevant to what I have in my closet, that they’re comfortable, and I can include them in more than one outfit. Oh and of course, they’re not insanely expensive. With that being said, you need to make sure the shoes are still well made because with cheaper pries comes shoes breaking easily. I’ve done my fair share of research through wearing and have found my go to staple shoes. I’m here to tell you it is okay to outfit repeat sometimes, as long as your look chic while doing it.

Here are a 10 of my favorite staple shoes 

These are just a few of many of my favorites but I find that they’re the one’s that are the easiest to wear multiple times

Slip on Suede Slides

Jildor Shoes

Block Heel Chelsea Boot 


Superstar Slip on 


Suede Thigh High Boots 


Black Suede Strap Heels 

Pretty Little Thing 

Suede Cone Heel Boots


Criss-Cross Slide Sandal 


Falcon Shoes Running White / Raw White / Trace Pink EE4149

Falcon Shoes 

Adidas Originals 

Nude Wedge

Red Dress Boutique 

Snake Effect Flared Boot 



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