Wallet Friendly Girls Day

A day with my girlfriends is an essential activity for me, and many of my friends. I mean who doesn’t love a glass of wine and some girl time? Girl time gives you the opportunity to air out that dirty laundry you’ve been needing to get out, gossip about anything and everything, and just enjoy each other’s company. Even though it’s enjoyable sometimes it’s hard to make happen, because life is expensive and we got bills to pay. My friends and I have found that it’s important to spend this quality time together because basically, we need our girl time. Throughout the years, especially my poor college days, I have found ways to make fun days with my girlfriends happen. I’m going to share a few with you and some budget friendly essentials you can bring with you.

Picnic at the Park

Now this is a super fun and cute activity that requires little to no money. It’s a good time for some quality girl talk, as well as some people watching (one of my favorite things to do). I’ve done this with my girlfriends out in Echo Park and it was one of my favorite days. We brought two bottles of wine and some cheese and crackers, the perfect set up. We sat and chat for hours and then went out to grab dinner somewhere after. If you’re wanting to stay and make it cheap you can always bring a packed lunch alongside your favorite beverage. Just be sure to read about where you are going and make sure it’s okay for you to have open containers with you (no one wants a ticket). 


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Work out + Coffee Date

Working out and coffee with friends is one of my favorite activities to do, and it’s such a good money saver as well. We usually do our workouts through Classpasswhich I recommend that everyone joins. You’re basically paying a discounted monthly price for any work out class that you’d like (pilates, hot yoga, cycling, etc.) which would typically be $100 plus monthly. After your workout classes who doesn’t need a cup of coffee or juice (if you really want to be on that health train). Essentially, you’re getting that de stressor you need from the workout and then your much needed gossip session after. It really is great bonding and can become a weekly thing between you and your gals. 


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Wine, Cooking, and a Movie

I love this activity so much because cooking is something I really enjoy so to be able to bond over that activity is special to me. Usually we’ll raid Pinterest and find something that sticks out to us. I’m kind of a control freak in the kitchen (shocking), but cooking with a glass of wine with your gals is such a fun time. After the meal is cooked you can all mope of a rom-com together, preferably The Notebook. All in all it’s the perfect girls night.


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These are three simple activities that can become weekly routines with your girlfriends that don’t become repetitive. I’m all about girl time and all about saving money and these check off both! I hope you can find as much enjoyment in these activities as my friends and I do.


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