Designer Who?

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have all the new things the designers are coming out with but unfortunately the wallet permits that at times (because I sure do). We all want to look fabulous and expensive but how can we do that when it’s not in our budget?

Now, don’t let this reminder get you down because I’m here to tell you that you can keep up with the trends without your wallet getting in the way.

I like to live within my means and find that if I’m going to splurge on something I need to absolutely LOVE it. Which has led me to finding replacements until it’s time to make that big purchase. I’ve come across so many cute dupes that look so similar you’ll have everyone fooled. The amazing part of it all is that they’re all from AMAZON. Not only are you getting a great dupe but also 2 day shipping and free with Prim. The one trick when looking on Amazon is to read the reviews and make sure the quality is good.

Lucky for ya’ll I have done my research and am going to list all my faves for you. I’ve included everything on my favorites list, some I already have and some I’m saving for later buys. I hope these leave you feeling fabulous and within your budget. Remember, it’s okay to not have it all at once because we’ll get there one day!

You can shop straight from my page by just clicking on the images below

Click & Enjoy

Louis Vuitton Belt Dupe
Gucci Backpack Dupe
Louis Vuitton Clutch Dupe
Gucci Belt Dupe
Hermes Blanket Dupe
Celine Bag Dupe
Celine Oversized Sunglasses Dupe
Hermes Bangle Dupe
Gucci Bag Dupe
Chanel Dupe
Cartier Bracelet Dupe
Cartier Love Ring Dupe
Gucci Scarf Dupe
YSL Heart Sunglasses Dupe
Hermes Sandals Dupe
YSL Bag Dupe
Valentino Heels Dupe
Chloe Bag Dupe

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