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As you all know I spend 8 hours a day running a classroom of children and the other half of the day running my blog and Instagram. The only way to survive these days is endless amounts of coffee and self care (sometimes too much coffee). One of the downsides of coffee is that it doesn’t take away the tired look from your eyes, and I know no one is fond of massive bags under your eyes. This is where my new found skincare obsession comes in, Callyssee. A caffeine based skincare line that slows downs the aging of your skin as well as maintaining its moisture. I mean what’s better than that?!

One of the products I’ve absolutely been loving is the Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Mask .

My favorite way to use this mask is during my morning routine. To me, nothing goes better together than coffee and a coffee infused eye mask. These are perfect for when you’re in a hurry but need that refreshing glow, basically a multi-tasking skin care product. My perfect morning routine usually contains placing on my eye masks, making my cup of coffee, and getting dressed for the day. Once those tasks are all done I now have that refreshing glow that requires barely any make-up on top! Now I can’t suggest a product without letting you know the benefits that it includes;

  • full of antioxidants to reduce the development of wrinkles
  • reduces the look of the under-eye circles
  • flatten the appearance of wrinkles by pumping up skin

Are you influenced yet?!

Well, another product they provide has been essential to my shower routine is the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub.

This scrub is a cellulite healer and I mean it. I must begin by saying your shower may look like some sort of crime scene after giving yourself an intense scrub but its WORTH IT. Personally, I have always struggled with cellulite on the back of my thighs no matter what shape I am in. I have learned to love this part of me but also have learned to love products that helps reduce the amount, and this is one. The smell is amazing and it isn’t too rough on your skin like normal coffee grounds can be. What I love most about this scrub is that they infused it with avocado oil so it provides the nourishment your skin needs. In the past, I have used regular coffee grounds to reduce cellulite but always noticed how dry it would leave my skin, so I eventually gave up on the use of it. Now that I have stumbled upon Callysee’s coffee scrub I include it in my weekly shower routine (usually 1-2 times a week). Your cellulite may not be 100% gone but I can promise wherever you scrub will begin to look firmer as well as add that glow we all need.

I am so happy to have found Callyssee products because not only are they AMAZING, they also remain in an affordable budget. Each one of us is grinding and constantly on the go in their own way that I know sometimes our skin care routines can be put aside, especially because of the cost. Callyssee is also aware of this and wanted their products to be accessible to all of you!

We decided to give all of you 30% off your entire purchase with the code HALEE.

Now get to caffeinating!


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