Tackling Social Distancing

Happy Monday ya’ll! Well what a time we’re living in right now, it’s a little scary not knowing the outcome of it all. With that being said, that’s why it’s super important to occupy ourselves with activities. I know there’s many lists out there for you to access but I wanted to provide you with some of the same options but with a little twist and links so you’re able to access everything instantly.

Lets get to it…

Most importantly I think each day needs to begin and end with some sort of self care. Whether you are someone who prays or someone who meditates set aside the first and last 30 minutes of your day to do this. Our mindsets need to stay healthy during this time and I know it can be hard with all the news flying in. Using these two moments of the day to disconnect from the world and focus on your inner self is important. While doing this throw on that face mask and bring out a journal. Sometimes writing is the key to understanding your feelings when a lot of our answers are unknown. Once you’ve taken care of yourself your day will begin to flow a lot easier and you can step into these fun activities.

  • Bingeing Part One… This is something that’s an obvious choice to us all but can become repetitive because this isn’t a new activity for must of us (especially me lol). When choosing a TV Show a good way to begin selecting is by picking a genre and going from there, sometimes what I like to do is close my eyes on the genre, scroll, click, & begin watching. I always say wait until the 3rd episode to change shows because that’s usually when the tea is spilled. If you’re in need of suggestions I have a previous blog post of all my faves… click here.
  • Bingeing Part Two… one thing that I’ve realized is that TV Shows aren’t the only thing you have to binge. Movies can fall into this category too! I have a couple fun ways to do this – find a movie series and start from the beginning (Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Bad Boys, Star Wars, etc). Usually many streaming services have them but you can also rent movies on Vudu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Another fun way to binge movies is finding an actor or actress, type their name in the search box on a streaming service, and watch all their movies. We did this with Nicholas Cage once and it was quite entertaining, you could also choose a favorite director to watch.
  • Books, I will admit that I’m not a huge reader myself but a sucker for a good read. This is a time you can use to your advantage to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and indulge on a good book or book series. I’m going to list a few of my favorites below that I finished within a couple weeks (that’s fast reading for me).

  • Games, this is one of my favorite past times and a great time for bonding. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy some laughs. Right now my favorite game to play has been Monopoly, we bought the online version through the PS4 and it’s been so much fun (highly recommend if you own one). Board games are also the best during times like this and I created a whole page incase you’re in need… click here.
  • Crafts, you are never too old to do crafts or dabble into a coloring book. This is a great opportunity to throw on that podcast or album you’ve been wanting to listen to and get creating. Teach yourself how to paint or to crochet and use it as a time to free your mind and focus on something not so stressful. You can run to your local craft stores or oder online and of course I created a fun list for you all to try… click here.
  • Organize, we’re finally being forced to organize the spaces that we’ve been putting off. For me, I’m tackling this room by room as well as sectioning off each room. Each room will have day when I complete it, this way it’s prolonged and you have a task to complete each day. A best friend during this time is storage containers – take your clutter and organize it by sections so it’s accessible. Also take this clutter and get rid of items that aren’t needed. This will ease your mind and can be taken as an opportunity to donate or sell to those who need the items.
  • Workout, this is something that is hitting close to home to me. I was feeling very defeated at first because I’m almost to my second month mark of my class pass workout routine. I decided to put this past me and realize that working out at home is more accessible than I think. Many workout routines require no equipment and you can access so many workouts online. Lots of your local studios need support right now and have allowed you to access their online workouts. For me, Pure Barre has been a consistent studio I go too and they’re allowing 60 days free access to their online workouts. I’m going to provide the link here and we can get fit together… Pure Barre workouts
  • Cooking, I know many grocery stores are slim pickings right now but thankfully they’re on top of restocking. You can use this time to open those cookbooks and make those recipes you’ve been waiting to get too. Make a goal to do this once or twice a week and turn it into a game! Whoever you’re at home with you can have contests and see whose turns out the guess. You can also play some food games (because who doesn’t love eating). Blindfold whoever you’re with and make them guess each item they eat and see how many each of you get correct. Or use this time to create something in the kitchen you’ve been wanting to do for awhile. For me, I’ve been wanting to bake a pie from scratch so that’s going to be on my list during this time. We got plenty of time so just do it!

I hope you find this list to be useful and helpful! If you happen to do any of these things please let me know, i’d love to re share and see see your experience.

Remember to respect those around you and take the best precautions possible.

My heart goes out to all of you, stay safe & healthy.




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