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Welcome to the dreams vs reality segment where I provide you everything I’m currently eyeing online but can’t afford, therefore most of you are in the same boat as I am. Don’t you worry, I’m here to tell you this will be full of all my dream items accompanied by the reality of what is affordable.

I’ve decided to begin with home decor because since quarantine hit all I do is shop for new home decor, literally all day browsing and filling up my cart. The only problem is that the cart continues to stay full because home decor is expensive. I spend hours researching the perfect replacement that fits within a reasonable budget and have turned many of my dreams into some good realities.

Below you will find everything I dream of having right now as well as their reality duo.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror

I’ve been seeing this mirror all over instagram and am actually shook with the price of it but love it so much. I’ve been doing a deep search for my favorite dupe and finally found it. This is still in my cart but immediately going in my room once I’m done redecorating.

White Sherpa Chair

This is probably the most expensive item I will ever want to purchase but it just looks so extremely cozy, plus very aesthetically pleasing. To be honest finding a dupe for this was very hard because the price points are very high right now. That being said the one I found is significantly cheaper and comes with a stool, winning.

Modern Nightstand

I have been in desperate need of new nightstands for months now. Currently hanging onto $20 amazon nightsand’s and have decided to hold my standards a little higher. My decor theme is somewhat boho, modern, and a little farmhouse – so yes it’s all over the place. This modern nightstand is currently going to be purchased and I’m honestly in love with the reality version just as much as the one I was dreaming of.

Black Wall Lamp

I saw this lamp and became obsessed but there was no way I was going to pay $100 for two of them. Thankfully, I did my research and found a similar design for half the price, another win!

Ceramic Face Sculpture

I’m sure you have see the iconic face sculpture wall on instagram, I myself have one and became obsessed with it after. I wanted to find a way to recreate this is in my home but didn’t know how. I fell in love with the sculpture version of it BUT then I was browsing H&M’s site and found an even better one for way cheaper.

White Egg Dining Chair

I saved the best deal for last! I have these chairs and literally love them, especially for the price. I saw these chairs originally and just knew I could find a similar one for a better price and the result became even BETTER. I found the exact same chairs that are $100 cheaper! If you are looking for dining chairs I highly recommend these, easy to build and look great with any color scheme.


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