A little about me..

I come from one of the happiest place in America & decided to place myself in one of the busiest places in America; otherwise known as San Luis Obispo, CA to Los Angeles, CA. I love my small hometown but also knew I belonged in a more fast paced environment. Once my high school graduation hit, I set off and went to study at CSU Channel Islands, majoring in Liberal Studies. I am now living in Santa Monica, CA with my boyfriend, Taylor and our dog Penny.  I can’t wait to dive in deeper and show you guys everything I love.

About the Blog…


We are surrounded in a world consumed of social media and many of us are looking up to these lifestyles. This can be motivating for many of us all, but it’s also difficult for many to live that lavish & aspiring life style. Especially, while still figuring out life or just simply wanting to live within your budget. So, one day it dawned on me that it’s time to give the people a glimpse of some real life; living simply but still feel extravagant. I have decided to open up my world to everyone else who wants to see. I want to share with you my hobbies, my struggles, my cheap tricks, my cooking style, and much more. So scroll, click, & enjoy! 

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